Detoxifying The Body: Does It Really Work?

There is the juice cleanse and the detoxify drink. There are detox powders you mix into water and detox body builder's fuel drinks. In fact, detoxification has become a whole new product category in health food stores and vitamin stores. Detox products line the shelves at pharmacy chains, too. The question on everyone's mind is, "Does this really work?" That question is followed up by a second question, "Why would I even want to detox?" The answers to both questions follow.

The Whole Idea Behind a Detox

The whole idea behind a detox product is removing toxins from your body. This includes a build-up of toxins in your liver, the organ responsible for absorbing toxins in your blood, and toxins in your intestines. The liver constantly extracts poisons from the blood, but even the liver can get overwhelmed if you drink a lot of alcohol or smoke cigarettes. Your intestines hold onto toxins because these organs are not exactly known for cleanliness and toxins get stuck in the small pockets (called diverticuli) that have formed in your intestines.

Doctors have prescribed a detox cleanse for some patients suffering from diverticulitis, and infection and inflammation of the diverticuli. If the doctors think that a detox can help patients with diverticulitis, then there must be something to a detox/cleanse, right? At any rate, there is no known study to show that doing a detox/cleanse harms you. Most patients report feeling a lot better.

Does It Really Work?

To some degree, the answer is "yes." The problem is, it does not and cannot work if you continue bad habits while trying to detox/cleanse. If you continue to consume high fat foods, caffeine, drugs, alcohol, or anything else that is bad for you, there is no way the detox drinks and detox products can help. You are just putting more toxins in while the detox products are taking a modicum of the old toxins out. If you are going to detox, you really have to mean it and be ready to go hardcore. 

Why Do You Want to Detox?

Attempting to detox has a lot to do with the fact that you want to quit some bad habits cold-turkey. This is very hard to do, unless you have a way of boosting your physical and emotional self. When you have boosts in energy and boosts in positive feelings, you are less likely to consume things that make you feel sluggish, moody, and bloated.

There are several other reasons why you would want to detox. The common benefits of these drinks and products do improve your overall health and help you jump-start your personal health and/or weight loss goals. 

The benefits include:

  • Getting yourself to drink more water. 
  • Consuming more fruits and veggies.
  • Shaking cravings for foods and other consumables, which can take a few days to accomplish, regardless of which cravings to which you ordinarily succumb. (You are not allowed any other foods or drinks other than what is allowed by the detox program's list.)
  • Boosting your energy and immune system with the many vitamins and minerals found in detox products.
  • Relieving inflammation of your intestines and colon, and decreasing discomfort from diverticulitis.
  • Clearer thinking, since the water and vitamins are supplying your brain with more of what it needs.
  • Softer, smoother skin, as a result of the amount of water you are required to drink while detoxing.

Whether or not your body is rid of excess toxins because of the products, or your body is rid of toxins because you are suddenly making changes to your lifestyle remains to be seen. However, you will definitely feel better and feel ready to commit to a newer, healthier you.