Things To Ask Yourself Before You Buy A Vape Starter Kit

Buying a vape starter kit is a critical step to take when you want to take up vaping, but you'll need to give some thought to how you wish to pursue this pastime before you select the kit that is right for you. Different vape pens and products perform differently, so there's really no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to buying your starter kit. Here are some things that you should plan to ask yourself before you make this exciting purchase.

What's My Preferred Flavor Strength?

You don't need to think about the flavor of the e-juice right away — there will be plenty of time for browsing all of the available flavors and finding some products that you know you'll enjoy. In the meantime, you should think about how strong you want the flavor to be when you vape. While some e-juice flavors are more pronounced than others, it's often the vape pens themselves that influence how strong the taste is when you place the device to your lips and inhale. Talk to a salesperson about which vape pens have a reputation for enhancing the flavor for users. If you're someone who anticipates enjoying a full and bold flavor, the salesperson will recommend certain starter kits.

How Do I Want The Technical Settings?

Some vape pens are easier to use than others, and different vape hobbyists enjoy a wide range of approaches with this topic. For example, some people like the idea of constantly adjusting the settings on their vape pen to provide different vaping experiences. For others, it's preferable to choose a setting, save it, and rarely have to look at it again. Think about whether you're a person who enjoys technical settings or not. If you're more the type who doesn't want to fuss with the device's buttons before each use, your salesperson will recommend the right kit for you.

What Size Of Cloud Will I Enjoy Making?

Vaping enthusiasts often enjoy blowing large clouds into the air above them, but not everyone feels this way. Think about when and where you'll be vaping. If you mostly anticipate enjoying this hobby by yourself and think that making clouds will be fun, have your salesperson steer you toward a vape pen known for producing large clouds. Conversely, if you expect to vape in the presence of a partner who doesn't vape, you might wish to use a device that generally produces smaller clouds.

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